Works with the body's natural defenses to eradicate worms
All natural herbal formula
Great tasting chewable tablets - kids love it!
Vitaklenz for Kidz can be used over a period of 4-7 days to stimulate the body's defenses to safely eliminate intestinal worms common to children and adults.
Best used continuously over a 30 day period to break lifecycle.

Ingredients include:
Wormwood herb
Black Walnut Green Hulls
St Mary’s Thistle
Olive Leaf
Pau D’Arco
Pumpkin Seed
Clove Powder
Thyme Leaf Powder
Contains Glucose
Contains no added yeast, milk derivatives, gluten, preservatives, colors or flavors.

SKU 813691010117
Brand Vitaklenz
Size 80 chewable tablets