Sustainably sourced OceanPure® Fish Oil capsules provide highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain healthy heart, brain, eye function and ease symptoms of mild osteoarthritis including mild joint pain.

The omega-3s in OceanPure Fish Oil:

- Support cardiovascular system health, including heart health, blood vessel dilation (relaxation) and helps healthy people maintain healthy blood lipids (at a dose of four capsules daily)
- Relieve inflammation
- Ease mild osteoarthritis symptoms including mild joint pain (when taking four capsules daily)
- Help promote healthy joint function in mild osteoarthritis (at a dose of four capsules daily)
- Maintain brain function and healthy vision
- Support healthy, balanced moods (when taking two capsules daily)
- Support general health and wellbeing

SKU 680248070081
Brand Fusion Health
Size 60 Capsules