Every now and again, something special hits the market and we believe this is it!

Gloriously Free Oats ANZAC biscuits.

Created specifically to honour those who follow special dietary restrictions & lifestyle choices, we are using one of the hottest ingredients on the market at the moment, GF Aussie Oats.


Q. Are GF Oats gluten free?
A. These are the same oats sold and labelled as gluten-free in the USA, Canada, UK and most of Europe.

Q. So why aren’t they labelled gluten free?
A. Due to restrictions in the current Australian labelling laws, we are unable to make a claim on packaging that any product containing oats are gluten free. However we have our latest Gluten Free Test results displayed under the compliance tab with corresponding batch numbers to show you that these oats are tested to <3ppm.

Q. Aren’t oats naturally gluten free?
A. Oats are generally contaminated at the farm level as farmers grow other gluten containing grains and then use the same machinery in their processing, storing or carting.

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Brand Gloriously Free
Size 200g